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You Just Focus On Your Sales. Your Product Preparation, Packaging and Shipment Operations are Entrusted to Us!

What is ShipLounge Fullfilment?

Order fulfillment serves to carry out the entire process on your behalf, from the moment an order is placed or a sale is made, to the customer receiving the delivery. These steps include taking inventory, processing orders, picking, packing, and sending an online order to the customer.

Membership & Integration

Integrate your online stores on many platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and into your ShipLounge account.

Order and Shipping

When ordering from your supplier, add the ShipLounge Fulfillment Center address in the recipient address field and complete your order. After that, you will need to enter the order tracking number and the information you want to add in the field on the ShipLounge user panel.

Packaging and Shipping

For the products that reach the ShipLounge Fullfilment operation, first of all, damage detection & control is done. Your products are photographed for approval and notified to you. Professionally measured and packaged. After the bill of lading labels, proforma invoice and consignee information are checked, 'same day' delivery is provided with the logistics company we have contracted with or you specify.

Fulfillment Fees

New Jersey - USA Transfer Our Central Warehouses and Fulfillment Service
0 - 100 Gr
100 - 200 Gr
200 - 300 Gr
300 - 450 Gr
Fee 9.99€ 10.99 12.99 14.99
ShipLounge Integration
Transfer Center Warehouse Stock Management
Damage Control Detection
Same Day transaction
Tracking number
E-Mail-Chat Support
Packaging Materials
Shipping (for shipments less than 450g) Included in the price Included in the price Included in the price Included in the price
Packaging Boxes and Materials (for shipments less than 450 g) Included in the price Included in the price Included in the price Included in the price
Additional Items Per Order 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$
Marketing and Promotional Supplements 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$
Caution and Warning Label 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$
Photo Notice 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$
Large Order Fees 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$ 0.49$