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What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is depositing inventory management with Amazon when selling in the Amazon store and through the Amazon FBA program. The seller sends the products to Amazon warehouses for order fulfillment. Amazon stores inventory until a customer places an order. Then Amazon receives, packages and ships the order. ShipLounge prepares your products on your behalf and delivers your cargo to Amazon FBA warehouses at the most affordable price.

Amazon FBA Operation Made Easy with ShipLounge

Delivery and Inspection

After the products you have sent to the Shiplounge fulfillment center are received, they are checked for damage and counted. You will be informed about your pre-checked products.

Preparing a Shipment Plan

Create your shipping schedule for the products you want to send to Amazon FBA warehouses via Amazon's seller control panel. Upload this plan and tags that you created with the add file section in the ShipLounge Amazon panel to your panel.

Product Preparation

The products you send to ShipLounge are labeled and packaged in accordance with the packaging limitations specified by Amazon.

Shipping to Amazon

Your packaged products are sent to Amazon warehouses with the most suitable shipping solution through the ShipLounge panel and the tracking number is added to your panel.